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Our platform for our narrative.

Hopefully this message finds you at a good time during your day. I am honored to introduce this special virtual panel to our readers and supporters of the Charleston Compass Quarterly Magazine: Should Black Men continue to support the Democratic Party? 


Too often, Black Men, whom I recognize, are excluded from these conversations about national and local leadership options. I simply cannot recall the last time I saw a Black Man who reminded me of the honorable men within my circle, speaking on a national media platform about what matters to us. 


Every other group is covered, except for my brothers, who are really in our communities doing the work. We have prayed for hundreds of years and have voted for decades, but our communities continue to face the greatest hardships within America. 


I know the difference between my personal opinion and the reality of what my community has faced and is facing. Our needle can begin to move if we start having transparent and honest conversations about our individual realities that have been crafted by supporting the Democratic Party. Combine those conversations with an action plan and clear actions to solve our hardships is the only logical choice. 


This conversation is long overdue and needed. Supporting credible and responsible black-owned media companies allows us to continue to create and control our own narratives. 


Please review our wonderful virtual panel and spread the word!

Okeeba Jubalo

Editorial Director & Founder

Charleston Compass Quarterly Magazine 

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