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Excellence 365: Welcome To the New North Charleston

North Charleston, South Carolina, is known for a number of things. African-American Art, culture, and refinement are often not included on that list for a myriad of reasons. Over the last two years, that has all changed.

On the crisp afternoon of February 10, 2024, a beautiful residence owned by Vee and Darrin Goss, Sr., within Coosaw Creek in North Charleston, South Carolina, was transformed into a haven of artistic splendor as it hosted a private fine art exhibition. Curated by the esteemed Okeeba Jubalo and Renee Fleuranges-Valdes, the exhibition promised an exclusive showcase of remarkable talent, drawing in a select group of art enthusiasts and VIP guests


Excellence 365 Guests

“Excellence 365: The Residential Tour proved to be a great success in so many ways. We are changing the dynamic of how people engage with art, moving it from the gallery and into a home, amongst friends and like-minded people,” said Fleuranges-Valdes, guest co-curator of Excellence 365 and owner of Quilted Artistry by Renee. “The array of styles and mediums was so varied that guests didn’t have to go from gallery to gallery to find art that clicked with them.”

At the heart of the evening were the featured artists, whose diverse styles and captivating pieces set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Among them, luminaries like Jerushia Graham, Vando Davis, Tosh Fomby, Christine Johnson, Veronica Mays, Damon Mescudi, Dante Yarbrough, Thom Bess, Darrien West, Patricia Coleman-Cobb, Michael Johnson, Stu Stewart, Tony Bell and several other powerhouse artists brought forth their visions, each canvas telling a unique story, each sculpture, a testament to creativity unleashed.

Renee H Fleuranges-Valdes & Okeeba Jubalo

The careful curation of the exhibition revealed a dedication to both the art and its audience. Jubalo and Fleuranges-Valdes, renowned for their discerning eye and passion for cultural innovation, ensured that every piece found its perfect place. From the spacious living room and throughout the dining area and beyond, each setting provided a canvas for artistic dialogue and exploration.

“Being amongst friends encouraged discussions on the value of diversification of one’s portfolio by collecting art,” said Fleuranges-Valdes. “It was a definite paradigm shift for those just beginning their art [collection] journey.”

Beyond ornamental value, this event underscored how fine art, when placed in the context of daily life, morphs into a tapestry of shared human experiences. The well-orchestrated placement of each piece highlighted the intricacies culminating in a grander narrative for the homeowners, Darrin Goss Sr. and Vee Goss.

“It was a pleasure hosting this event and supporting artists from around the Southeast,” said President and CEO at Coastal Community Foundation Darrin Goss Sr.

“We had a fantastic time spending time with our friends and the artists,” said Vee Goss. “The

artwork displayed exemplified the great power to transform, ignite, enlighten, inspire, and motivate. What a great model!”

Vee Goss and Darrin Goss Sr.

For the Coosaw Creek residents and the VIP guests in attendance, the exhibition was more than a showcase — the guest list was carefully curated to enhance the experience, which was crafted with care and consideration. From the moment they entered the foyer, guests were enveloped in an atmosphere of African-American sophistication and refinement, where every detail, from the lighting to the arrangement of artworks, spoke to a commitment to excellence.

"The opportunity to gather creatives, business and nonprofit leaders, and community advocates, while highlighting fine art and our collective community in Darrin and Vee Goss's beautiful home was inspiring! Okeeba has a special skill in bringing together people from across different sectors with the long-term intention of creating a brighter future for his hometown,” Sandy Morckel, President at Solutions for the Greater Good and Production Chair at TEDxCharleston. “It is an exciting time for North Charleston!"

Craig Gangloff, Sandy Morckel & guest

As the night unfolded, conversations flowed freely, mingling with the soft strains of Miles Davis and John Coltrane while the guests nibbled on an array of beautifully prepared bites. Amidst the buzz of excitement, connections were forged, perspectives challenged, and inspiration ignited—a testament to the transformative power of art in all its forms.

“We are raising the bar with each authentic and self-funded experience, and over the last two years, we have spearheaded this renaissance to be a reflection of what is to come in the near future. I am building upon our efforts to rebrand our city. This was the start of something very special in North Charleston. All really impactful cultural movements began within the fertile soils of the shadows provided by America’s culturally exclusive institutions, which tend to not recognize our budding champions,” said Okeeba Jubalo, founder and curator of Excellence 365: The Residential Tour, owner of the Okeeba Jubalo Gallery and Executive Creative Director at NobleSol Art Group.

Dr. Paula Orr (Art Collector & Patron)

“I originally created Excellence 365 in 2023, and my team launched this powerful mobile artistic testament at Neiman Marcus, within Lenox Mall, which is in Atlanta, Georgia. Pulling lessons from the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and the Black Arts Movement (BAM) from the 1960s, while taking my decades of executive-level experience and working this soil with our bare hands to grow what is needed, is the only way. This touring exhibition will till the soil and prepare it for the next level of seeds, which will blossom into the new North Charleston,” Jubalo continued.

“The greatest challenge within Charleston is that we do not own our black institutions, nor do we fund them. This is where the road splits. This initiative was created, funded, and led by someone with a national skillset and a global view, who is actually a son of Charleston and was raised in North Charleston, while being supported by my people across the lowcountry and beyond. I am a different animal,” said Jubalo. “The future of our cultural experiences must be mobile, sleek, fast, and powerful. Excellence 365 will become a quarterly national tour, I am looking forward to partnering with others who are like-minded to bring this movement within their homes and cities.”

Okeeba Jubalo addressing our guests

For Jubalo and Fleuranges-Valdes, the success of the evening lay not only in the accolades and admiration garnered by the artists but in the moments of shared wonder and discovery that reverberated throughout the Goss home.

As the last guests bid farewell to the exhibition, they carried with them not just memories of a remarkable event but a renewed appreciation for fine art, the importance of collecting

one-of-one pieces, and the collective strength of reviving the cultural authenticity throughout North Charleston.

Those fortunate enough to have experienced Excellence 365: The Residential Tour are reminded that the journey has only just begun.

As anticipation mounts and excitement builds, one thing remains certain: Okeeba Jubalo continues to draw everyone across the Southeast region closer to the infinite cultural and artistic possibilities that lie ahead for the City of North Charleston.








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