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The Reinvention of Mr. Charles Mills

“One of my mentors, General Colin Powell, said, ‘Always focus on the front windshield and not the rearview mirror,’” said Retired Colonel Charles D. “Hawk” Mills, a versatile voice-over actor blazing a path toward being known as “The Voice of Charleston.”

After serving almost 36 years in the United States Army, Mills found his calling for voice acting soon after retiring. He uses his voice to inspire, encourage, and give others a “voice” to elevate their platforms and businesses.

As a retired veteran, Mills understands that transitioning from military service to civilian life can be tough. Statistics show that an average of 22 veterans die by suicide daily due to mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and depression.

“I want to be able to send a message to veterans that there is life after the uniform,” said Mills. “And guess what, if you have dreams, then you can achieve them if you're intentional about them.”

People often need a strong push in the right direction to walk in their purpose. This was the case for Mills, as his beloved wife, Dr. Andrea Hampton-Mills, of four years, steered him toward using his voice to serve others.

“I didn't think about going the voice-acting route until after my service in uniform. My wife and others kept asking me, ‘What are you doing about this voice? You sing in the choir and on the praise team,’” said Mills. “I do all of that, and I enjoy it, but my voice seemed to affect people in a way I never thought about.”


Dr. Andrea Hampton-Mills & Mr. Charles Mills


Mills is a multidisciplinary leader and public speaker who utilizes his gift of speaking through community activism, mentorship, and being a lead vocalist of the praise team at his local church, where he currently serves as a Deacon and the Co-Director of Christian Education and Leadership.

As an active, lifetime member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Mills enjoys giving back to the fraternity in any way he can. Mills currently serves as the Dean of Officer Development and Leadership in the Southern Region's Training and Development Academy, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., servicing approximately 8,000 members.

Last year, Mills provided a voice recording for the Charleston Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity chapter. The video garnered attention nationwide on social media and continues to make its rounds. Since the video's release, Mills has gained newfound fans of voice-over recordings.

Many people have called him one of the best up-and-coming voice-over artists of this generation.

As the founder and CEO of Charles Mills Media, Mills focuses on sharpening his craft of being a voice actor daily. He can do a wide range of accents and change his tone and pitch to suit the material he is recording, making him perfect for various projects.

He recently partnered with the inventive marketing and branding agency NobleSol Art Group to expand his digital brand visibility and strategically execute his marketing goals.

“Okeeba has helped me to reengage and help develop even more the power of voice, the power of family, the power of leading and speaking truth to power, which I'm more than used to, but in a different way, by using the arts and the voices of art,” said Mills. “It’s been a blast working with Okeeba. I've been watching Okeeba for quite some time, navigating the North Charleston and Charleston space. I’ve seen him virtually and attended most of his sponsored events. I enjoy talking with Okeeba about his vision and work.”

“Working with Mr. Mills and his lovely wife, Dr. Andrea Hampton-Mills, is my duty as a son of Charleston. Everything I have learned over the decades in Atlanta and beyond as an executive creative director is being poured into my community,” said Okeeba Jubalo, founder and Executive Creative Director of NobleSol Art Group. “Mr. Mills has served our nation at the highest levels, and it is our responsibility to help usher him into the next phase of his career. I am beyond proud of my team; we are the best in the business.”



Mills has an all-encompassing voice: unique, soothing, and engaging. He always brings a sense of authenticity to every recording. Everyone who has worked with Mills appreciates his passion for voice acting because he loves what he does, and it shows in his recordings. He always puts his heart and soul into his work, which comes through in the final product.

“I believe God has given me gifts that I can use to make a difference and enable social impact,” said Mills. “And I'm having a good time while doing it, so I am more than okay with that.”



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