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Ashley Hale is a multi-dimensional singer who dominates Charleston, South Carolina, with her talent. A Charleston native, Hale is on everyone’s musical radar in the Southeast region with plans of furthering her reach.

Soulful and grounded vocals and picturesque performances are what fans can expect from Hale. Her most recent performance was a local show by The P.U.R.E. Concert series presented by The ZD Experience. The phenomenal tribute show was in honor of Gladys Knight, also known as “The Empress of Soul,” hosted at Fox Music House in North Charleston on December 3, 2022.

Early Career

The spotlight is familiar territory for Hale as she has graced many local and international stages throughout her career. The songstress in Hale was activated by Hale’s beloved late mother, Avis Washington. At five years old, Hale’s mother encouraged her to sing for a higher purpose, The Lord. So, Hale would sing with the choir and solos during church.

“My mom was instrumental in why music is such a big part of my life. Everything in our lives was centered around music. I was raised in the church, and the church has been a big part of my musical ability because that was the first place I’ve been given the opportunity to share my gift,” said Hale. “People would ask my mom to bring me to their churches, and I was invited everywhere. So music is a part of my DNA.”


The Hale Family


Musical Range

Although Hale’s gift of singing was refined inside the church walls, singing Christian and gospel music, Hale’s mother ensured that she was exposed to other genres, including pop, soul, R&B, and jazz. Hale refuses to restrict her musical range, one of the many reasons her fans rave about her ability to sing various styles of music comfortably.

“I can’t be locked in a box. So, what separates me from everyone else is being authentically who I am. When you limit yourself to one genre, you limit your audience,” said Hale. “But when you broaden yourself, you open yourself to so many people who probably wouldn't go to a church, a theater, or a local juke joint. You open your audience to several different people.”

By performing for churches, business events, and theatres, where she often couples her acting and singing career, Hale has organically grown her fan base in different parts of the South, including The Carolinas, Tennessee, and Georgia. A force to be reckoned with, Hale plans to take the entertainment industry by storm.


Ashley Hale + NobleSol Art Group = Success!

P.U.R.E. Concert series opening reception @ Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery

Hale is a notable influencer and leader in Charleston. As she prepares to take her career and personal brand to the next level, she recruited a stellar branding and marketing agency to assist her in the process: NobleSol Art Group.

NobleSol Art Group (NSAG) is primarily the go-to agency for reputable businesses and individuals in Atlanta, Georgia. Plus, they established secondary roots in Charleston in the Fall of 2021. Since then, they have helped their clients create and implement successful marketing strategies to gain new clientele and increase revenue.

NobleSol Art Group served as a community partner to provide branding assistance for The

Stephanie Hale & Amaris Jenkins ( Saprono & Alto background vocalists)

NSAG is relatively new to the Charleston area; however, its Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Charleston native, Okeeba Jubalo, is right at home. Jubalo didn’t waste time setting up shop and opened the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery. His fine art gallery has made tidal waves throughout North Charleston and the surrounding areas due to its event sponsorships and the hosting of intimate and exclusive cultural experiences. Raised in North Charleston, Jubalo’s arrival back home was strategic, and now he and his team are servicing a star in the making, Ashley Hale.

D'Andre Jackson ( Tenor background vocalist)

“Okeeba is an angel, and I say that in all sincerity, and what NobleSol Art Group brings to the Charleston area is remarkable,” said Hale. “They even highlight some of the greatest people in Charleston with their magazine, The Charleston Compass. I am honored for the opportunity to be showcased in The Charleston Compass. This is helping to bring notoriety and awareness to the city of Charleston.”

The Charleston Compass Magazine is a subsidiary of NSAG. More than 20 local businesses and individuals have been featured in the Charleston Compass since its launch in July 2022. Hale is one of those sensational individuals using her gifts to inspire and educate others.


Charleston’s Music Scene

South Carolina is a hidden gem that produces top-tier talent. Most people would have to use Google to find out that some of the biggest celebrities are from the Palmetto State. Those celebrities include Chadwick Boseman, Charlamagne tha God, Ja Morant, and Viola Davis. As far as the music scene goes, Charleston is known for its origins of heavy hitters like Eartha Kitt, James Brown, and Teddy Pendergrass. Hale has her sights on cementing her name in the history books alongside those legends.

The Charleston music scene is a unique place filled with people with breathtaking talent, grit, and an unwavering determination to fulfill their dreams. But no one gets to the top alone, and Hale is making sure she brings people along on her journey to the top.

“There was a Prince and a Michael Jackson. There is a Gladys Knight, Kendrick Lamar, and Jazmine Sullivan. All of these people are great in their own right, but everybody brings something different to the table. I wish that our local music scene in Charleston would understand that. You are not in competition with one another. We are here to unify our city.” said Hale.

Anyone who practices any of the various creative arts is an artist. Whether that is a musician, painter, sculptor, or poet, it’s crucial for artists to feel confident in their craft. When an individual, and more specifically an artist, have confidence, they are more likely to move forward with people and opportunities that fit their future rather than those that fit their past. More importantly, if an artist was to fail, confidence will help them to try again. This sentiment is why Hale is such a big proponent of artists moving with confidence and clarity in their artistry.

Artistry is a safe yet sacred place for all artists, and it can be difficult and freighting to let others share in the special moments. But Hale encourages artists of all mediums, in the entertainment field or not, to continue to strengthen their virtuosity and sharpen their professionalism so that they can work with others without feelings of doubt or being unworthy of an extraordinary opportunity.

“Art is a blank canvas; however you see the picture, you can paint it how you see it. I hope and pray that I do my part to help bring camaraderie with different artists, no matter the genre,” said Hale. “I pray we can work together and not against one another. If we embrace and appreciate what everyone brings to the table, we can move forward and get somewhere.”

Image by Katrina Crawford Photography


Music Goals for Ashley Hale

Hale gained confidence from her community. Her mother, father, siblings, family, and friends all played a part in elevating her musical genius. Those same members of her tribe are currently seeing how Hale is using her faith, wisdom, and musical ability to uplift the world.

“My goal is for music to be the awareness. People like Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and Nina Simone sang to the times they were living in,” said Hale. “Sometimes I think in artistry, we can get carried away in our own zone that we lose awareness of what is happening around us.”

Hale’s music career has been successful thus far because she believes in spreading the truth, even when it can be challenging for some people to hear. She doesn’t shy away from the spotlight because she was made for it.

“It is my goal through music and writing that I bring awareness to help and heal. Even if it's controversial, I am not afraid. I am a big girl. I can wear those pants. My goal is to bring change and light to our world.”

Societal Flaws

Image by NobleSol Art Group

Today’s society has its flaws — consumerism, greed, ego-boosting — and Hale is a prime example of facing these social issues and modern behaviors head-on. Her medium of doing so is through her new and original music, releasing in the summer of 2023.

Melodic Vibrations

“I am going to continue to put out music. It’s an expression of who I am,” said Hale. “I will continue to bring life and awareness to the things that we are dealing with through music.”

Alongside releasing her new music, she is set to start her vocal training program, Melodic Vibrations, in the summer of 2023. This program will help individuals interact with a professional vocal coach that will allow them to build confidence, sing effortlessly, and build a strong yet engaging connection with their audience.

Children and adults can enroll in the Melodic Vibrations training program. Whether singing is a hobby or a future career, professional singing lessons are the key to mastering their skill sets and accomplishing measurable goals. Furthermore, Melodic Vibrations will allow other singers to gain abundant knowledge, tools, and resources that professional singers can easily access.

“I have in the making a program called Melodic Vibrations, and it's a vocal training ground where I will help train other vocalists and those who want to be in the music industry,” said Hale. “Melodic Vibrations will be that tool to help train people vocally. Some people may just want to sing for their local church, and [Melodic Vibrations] will be their training ground,”

Hale’s business, Melodic Vibrations, is another way for her to serve and give back to her community. Nevertheless, Hale will continue to focus on her music which brings joy, love, and light to her community of Charleston and the rest of the world.

Although Hale has been granted such a favorable gift — to sing with power and soul — she is privy to the fact that she must always work hard. Her talent has led her through many doors, but her work ethic earns her a seat at the table.


Servant Leader of Charleston, South Carolina

“I’ve always said whenever I have the ability to get the access, then I am going to bust the hinges off the door so that others don’t have to work as hard. In order for our original music to get to the forefront, we have to build relationships,” said Hale. “We have to build relationships with our local radio stations and local legislators. We must build relationships with those people who have the ability to switch the cards for us. Connections are everything. My mom used to say all the time it's not what you know; it's who you know.”

Deemed “The Voice of The City” by the Charleston Compass editors, Hale is using her influence to pass along opportunities and empower others. A servant leader in her own right, Hale’s seat at the table is not just a seat for her, but a seat for everyone who is deserving.



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