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The Long Way Home Women’s Enrichment Series

Rushia Brown

The first Women’s Enrichment Series hosted by Okeeba Jubalo and presented by NobleSol Art Group exceeded everyone’s expectations. Numerous attendees from established entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and aspiring business owners participated in the event focusing on leadership, community wellness, and support.

Everyone mingled at the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery as the excitement about the event was apparent from the time the doors opened. Women, children, and supportive men quickly filled their seats and discussed their reason for attending the event while exchanging their business cards.

“It was my pleasure to be an ambassador for the wonderful Miss Rushia Brown, whom I’ve watched grow up as my brother’s best friend and attend Summerville High School. They were voted most athletic by the students at Summerville High. It started from there. We knew she would be a leader. She loves her family: her daughter, her brother, her mother, her nieces and nephews, and her friends and colleagues. She’s just a powerful person,” Sharon Millhouse said. “It was an honor to witness how she has become a leader for our society. At my age, I’m older than her. I learned so much that I carried it with me to work this week on presenting myself so people can treat me like I treat them. I’m so proud of her, and I’m also proud of Okeeba.”

Tammy Moore, Karen Penkova, Rushia Brown, Sharon Millhouse, Wanda John Miller & Deb M. Millhouse-Singleton


Retired WNBA player, former front office executive, business owner, and Lowcountry legend Rushia Brown was the event’s featured speaker. Although humble about her wide-spanning history of being a true legend in her own right, Rushia Brown’s poised presence excited everyone in the gallery. She shared her PASSION Principles about women walking confidently in their purpose and the tenacity every business leader must possess to run a championship business.

A three-part panel throughout the event brought together entrepreneurs for candid discussions about identifying their passions, personal development, and community growth. The event was helpful for all women in attendance as they learned the ropes of business ownership and wellness strategies.

"Rushia was exceptional. What made her presentation so captivating was her ability to connect with her audience on a relatable level," Tammy Moore said. "I left edified, and determined to bypass my fears as I pursue my personal endeavors,"

“I left there feeling motivated and inspired! My family and I are already making a huge difference by giving away four scholarships in my late brother’s name, Ronald Millhouse Sr., every May at Summerville High School,” Deb M. Millhouse-Singleton said. “At least four students benefit from that, and we will continue to make a difference and show others that hard work pays off if you have that passion and perseverance that Rushia spoke of! Never give up or give in if you believe!”

Rushia Brown & Okeeba Jubalo

The host for the event, Okeeba Jubalo, also shared his thoughts on being a serial entrepreneur who owns and manages multiple successful businesses. “I am excited about bringing this platform to North Charleston. There is amazing talent from the Lowcountry that has gone out into the world, and I will help bring it back. They have so much to share and teach; this is the starting point for a larger series I am producing,” Okeeba Jubalo said. “I know how much it means to be inspired by those who are from our community. Not only will we inspire our supporters, we will help them build a road map to their success.”

The diverse and multi-generational audience intently listened to Rushia Brown as she shared her business gems.

“I thought it was a great event, one of the best that I have been to. There was a message for everybody, simplified and direct. What she was saying is that if we all get together and each person connects with other people about what we are doing in North Charleston, we have enough resources to make this happen, but it will take a collective effort with concentrated resources,” Angie Brown said. “If we are going to make this happen, we will have to work together and have a plan. I am very proud of my children; this is an example of what happens when you combine Rushia and Jubalo together.”

Okeeba Jubalo, Angie Brown & Rushia Brown

By the event’s end, all attendees felt equipped to start their business plan or lay an even better foundation for their already established business, product, or service. The best part about the Women’s Enrichment Series is that there will be more events to come in the future.

"I left from that sessions feeling Inspired to Aspire" - Wanda John Miller







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