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Dr. John Eaves is a multi-hyphenate public figure—he’s a politician, a professor at Spelman College, and an entrepreneur. His greatest passions involve exposing the youth to opportunities that will shift their perspective and expand their worldview.

Leveraging the power of international and cultural education, Dr. Eaves is aiding high school students to thrive in today’s interconnected world through his company, Global Youth Ambassadors Program (GYAP).

As the Founder and Executive Director of GYAP, Dr. John Eaves is leading high school students to become the next generation of thought leaders and world travelers. Established in 2008, GYAP has granted access to more than 500 students across metro Atlanta to travel to more than eight countries, including Germany, Mexico, Turkey, China, and Brazil.

“One of my greatest passions is providing young people with transformative leadership experiences that make them want to change and see the world,” Dr. Eaves said. “That’s why I am excited to begin the 15th year of the Global Youth Ambassadors Program, a chance to meet and cultivate this generation of world leaders.”

Before embarking on the global journey, each student must take mandated classes to learn about the fundamentals and other essentials of the country they will soon visit. For example, the students will take courses to learn about cultural awareness, the country’s primary language, and past and current historical events happening in the particular country they visit.

Although there is plenty of time for fun activities during their international travel excursions, the purpose of each trip is for students to become culturally well-rounded and to apply their newfound teachings to every aspect of their lives, including personal, educational, and professional.

Parents often praise Dr. Eaves for creating the GYAP program and offering it to a vast array of students in and beyond the Atlanta, Georgia, area. The program results speak for themselves as parents actively sign up their teenagers for the impactful travel and leadership program.

“I would absolutely recommend GYAP to other high school students,” said Maureen Portee, parent of Jordan Taylor, who traveled with GYAP to South Africa in 2019. “My son, Jordan, had an incredible experience that immersed him in a completely different culture and gave him such appreciation for travel and exploration!”


Community and servant leader Dr. Eaves has a deep passion for educating and empowering young people through travel. Exposing high school students to various parts of the world allows them to yield numerous benefits like comfortably interacting with other cultures, embracing new experiences, building a global network, and gaining leadership characteristics.

As GYAP continues to scale, Dr. Eaves enlisted top-tier marketing and branding agency NobleSol Art Group to champion their marketing department. Okeeba Jubalo, Founder and Executive Creative Director of NobleSol Art Group joins Dr. Eaves to aid in the growth and visibility of GYAP across the metro-Atlanta area.

“The work Dr. Eaves is spearheading is essential to our community,” Okeeba Jubalo said. “I am honored to have our team manage this branding process, which is very important to communicate his vision to the public.”

Starting in the Fall of 2023, GYAP’s leadership team will visit various high school open houses within metro Atlanta to begin their search for the next cohort. During the open houses, GYAP ambassadors, volunteers, and past cohort alums will share their first-hand experiences and inform students about the personal and professional benefits of traveling internationally.

The GYAP is an intensive yet fulfilling and fun process for students. Dr. Eaves’ program has been pivotal for high school students craving a cultural and educational experience outside the classroom and their communities. GYAP aims to prepare students to succeed in the global economy and career industry.

Click here to learn more about the Global Youth Ambassadors Program and how to sign up to travel with the next cohort.


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