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The prestigious annual exhibit, Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition, kicks off the new year with its seventh installment at the Aviation Community Cultural Center starting on January 28 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The exhibition is in partnership with Fulton County and is curated by Okeeba Jubalo Both curators have extensive backgrounds in the art and business sector.

Okeeba Jubalo is the founder and curator of the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition. He also heads his own gallery, Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery, in North Charleston, South Carolina. As a

multi-disciplinary artist and gallery owner, he recognizes why exhibits of this magnitude can galvanize people to respect and pay attention to artists.

"As a multidisciplinary artist, I understand every side of this Black art equation. Everything is about math and engineering,” said Jubalo. “The Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition is part of the math equation needed to solve the problem of a highly dysfunctional Black arts scene. The issue isn’t just in Atlanta or Charleston; this is a national equation of dysfunction I am solving for."

The Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition is the most culturally explosive event to support Atlanta's artists consistently. Always known to bring an elite crowd, the attendees can expect the crème de la crème of guests from politicians, community leaders, and business owners.

The primary hosting location is Atlanta, Georgia, but the exhibition has traveled nationwide to showcase artwork for prospective buyers and art lovers. Since the first installment in 2009, the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition has traveled to cities like Las Vegas and Washington, DC. In addition, last year’s exhibit was hosted in Charleston, South Carolina.

Art is a multi-dimensional industry that can be hard to grasp for an individual that isn’t privy to the art world. The Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition is the true guide for many artists, art collectors, and art enthusiasts.

"Artists trust me because they know I am one of them and have a number of different features and skills that most do not have,” said Jubalo. “When I am within these spaces, I have a dozen different executive-level skill sets that I can apply to our movement."

The Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition has helped artists become household names and allowed art collectors to have first dibs on purchasing the hottest artworks on the market. Many art connoisseurs anticipate the annually-held Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition so they can soak in all the beauty the art world has to offer.

The collection includes 44 incredibly talented artists. Some featured artists include Miya Bailey, Jerushia Graham, Michael Johnson, Sandy Teepen, Dane Brown, Hopeton Hibbert, and many others.

Dane Brown (#ATLANTAFAE featured artist )

“My experience with the Okeeba Jubalo Fine Art Gallery and Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition has been incredible. His dedication to uplifting the artist as he restructures the art world shows and is something I cherish as an artist.” Dane Brown said about working with Okeeba Jubalo and being a featured artist in this year’s exhibit.

Michael Johnson (#ATLANTAFAE featured artist )

“It's exciting being part of an event that highlights "our" art. Far too often, we seek a seat at the table instead of creating our own table." Michael Johnson said regarding the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition featuring numerous talented Black artists.

Art galleries and exhibits are the heartbeats of the art industry. For many Black artists, it's critical to work with a gallery where they are being seen and heard—especially by a gallery with a track record for propelling an artist's career. The Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition continues to be the bridge for artists to gain visibility and sell their artwork for profit.

“This business of Black fine art is complicated, and it was important for me to create a premium platform for our artists. It is a very complicated cycle between Black artists, Black gallerists, and Black art collectors,” said Jubalo. “All three are in a constant state of working against each other. My goal is to create a space where we can work together as a unit that raises the experience and profits for all parties.”

The attendees of this exclusive, RSVP-only event will have the opportunity to see

up-close-and-personal the evolution of art and its impact on modern culture. This exhibit will also allow contemporary audiences to access relevant and contextualized art.

To learn more about the Atlanta Fine Art Exhibition, visit


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